What I do



Here’s what I do:

Design web sites for small businesses and individuals and for charities and non-profit organisations.

I specialise in entry-level packages for people wishing to have a presence on the web for the first time. I want to create a site that we can both be proud of, that will do what you want it to do, will look how you imagine it looking, and can grow with your business or change with your circumstances. For charities and non-profit organisations, the only thing that is cut are the costs.  I pride myself on maintaining high standards for all my customers, both while the work is ongoing and after your site is finished.

Upgrade your current web site or self-built site or offer suggestions for improvements.

If your current site is looking dated and tired, let me breathe fresh life into it with a makeover. From a quick check for mistakes to whole new look and design, I can change the face your business presents to the world.

I can simply check your web site for grammar and use of English and offer suggestions as necessary. Or I can change the layout, the colours, the fonts - any part of the design - to give a more contemporary feel.

Offer help and advice while you build your own site.

Should you feel you would prefer to build your own site, I will be happy to act as consultant. If you have problems with a technical aspect of creating the site, I will be on hand to help out as and when required.

Other services I offer:

Proof reading of web sites, flyers and corporate literature for use of English, grammar and spelling.

Designing and creating logos, business cards, banners and flyers etc, all print ready.

General computing skills - Is your desktop hiding behind hundreds of Word documents and pictures? From how to arrange and rename folders to setting up a spreadsheet or database, I can help you bring organisation back into your virtual life. Have you done a computer literacy course and now struggle to remember everything you learned? Call me for a short refresher course from a one-off half hour to a regular weekly meeting.